Developmental Disabilities Services


An array of programs which provide a combination of day habilitation, residential, respite and community habilitation services to developmentally disabled adults and children.
Services are designed to minimize deficits in adaptive behavior for maximum participation in onsite and community activities.
Core services include daily meals, transportation, recreational activities, community integration, computer, woodwork, speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy.

Our support services include a Mental Health Consultant who conducts observations to determine effective strategies and resources for special needs children.

We have a case management approach and services are designed to minimize disruption in the flow of the daily schedule.

Each child has an individualized education plan in order to reach their full potential.

Services Offered

Day Habilitation Services

Residential Services

Community Habilitation Services

Site Based Respite Services

Core Services

Important Dates

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Ready to Join Us?

Day Habilitation Services

United Day Habilitation Program

Gail Brown, Program Director

The Best of Me Day Program

Debra Tirado, Program Director

Residential Services

First Estate IRA

Lena Dickens, Residence Manager

Community Habilitation Services

Ethel Perez

Coordinator Developmental Disabilities Services

Respite Services

Sandra Credell

Program Director

Nicole Wright

Program Director